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In Chelsea, London Falling

London Terrace (ed.?sorry, we meant London Terrace Towers, not London Terrace Gardens), the co-op offspring of the legendary pre-war behemoth once known as the "biggest apartment building in the world," seems to have fallen on some hard times of late. In December, the co-op board went to court to boot a tenant for blasting music and shtupping a homeless guy in the health club showers. Since February, 160 apartments at 465 West 23rd St. have been without working stoves and ovens.

And now, as Michael Calderone reports in the Observer, a tenant has filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit claiming negligence and breach of contract. Now, we don't like weighing-in on such serious legal matter as this, but we can't help but think that the plaintiff is pulling at threads here. After all, when a ceiling collapse leaves a gaping 12-foot-by-five-foot hole, that's not a problem?that's a skylight! And the mold? A garden! Talk about amenities.
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