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Insanity at West Village Houses: Beware the Pig's Head

Blogger Set Speed writes,

As if in real-time, over at the West Village Houses, just south of STOMP (southern tip of the meatpacking district), a Mitchell-Lama complex prized for their generous layouts and oh-so-hot location are in the middle of converting all their units from rentals to cooperatives. As if it needs to be said, in this Manhattan real estate zeitgeist, no one will be happy for too long, despite the opportunity for someone to buy their 800 sq foot 1 bedroom for an absolutely-Ft-Greene-pre-2002-price of $170K.
The best part, of course, is the message board at the West Village Housing Tenants Associates website, which Set Speed notes "has enough posts to make the curbed editors work OT for the next week." Indeed. Among the gem threads (free registration required to view):

1) High Rise Prices: "As reported today in the New York Post, the average 2 bedroom Co-op apartment is now selling for $1,152,180; the average 3 bedroom Co-op is now selling for $3,287,693; the average 4 bedroom Co-op is now selling for $5,978,034. WHY ARE THERE STILL PEOPLE IN WEST VILLAGE HOUSES THAT OPPOSE THE REVISED RED-HERRING?????????"
2) More Local Development "Laura: Your Ivy League education has clearly made you arrogant, but it has not made you wise. The unsubstantiated statements, conspiracy theories, and innuedo in your postings would certainly earn an F in most first year writing courses, Ivy or not."
3 Warning!! Pig's Head at Katy's: "Apparently a very disturbed tenant placed a homemade pig?s head on Katy?s garden fence. It was not a child?s mask. An ADULT actually took the time to make this vile thing. I am really shocked that there are such desperate and unbalanced tenants in WVH."

We've said before how much we love the Internet, right? Cuz we do.
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