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Freedom Tower: Look Ahead With Consternation

After looking back, time to damn the torpedos and look ahead. How soon can we expect to see a "totally new" Freedom Tower design from the drafting board of Mr. David Childs? Why, rather soon. Reports the Post,

Officials familiar with the decision say a new design by architect David Childs is expected within several weeks and will include a building that will rise 1,776 feet, like the original proposal from April 2003, but otherwise will "look a lot different."
Huh. Doesn't lend any credence at all to Felix Salmon's supposition that new Freedom Tower plans are already out there, yesterday's bravado by the politicos notwithstanding. Meantime, Miss Representation notes NY1's charming, retro coverage: "The 1,776-foot Freedom Tower, designed by Berlin-based architect Daniel Libeskind, will be the architectural centerpiece of the redesigned WTC site." (Libeskind, smiling broadly in San Francisco, could not be reached for comment.)
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