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Freedom Tower: Look Back in Anger

Let us take a long last look before we say goodnight. Was it really just last September (the 11th, to be exact) that this new artists' rendering of the World Trade Center site plan graced the front page of Curbed? How far we've come since then and yesterday's announcement that the Freedom Tower design is totally, officially kaput. Let's take a rosy-colored look back at the fun we've had together, shall we?

9/28: Libeskind notes Silverstein would kill birds to make a buck
10/7: We learned the price of genius: $370,000 (cheap!)
10/13: Reporters begin toying with their Libeskind obituaries
11/10: Uppity Yale student says David Childs is playing with his toys
11/11: David Dunlap presciently asks, "Anyone here got a clue?"
1/28: Libeskind's spire, and The Liberty It Represents, unlikely to rise
4/5: Goldman Sachs presciently declares, "The hell with this"
4/20: Wall St. Journal architecture critic officially throws in the towel
4/26: Word leaks that Tower design doesn't pass police muster
5/2: Muzzled WTC architects bitch to NYT architecture critic
5/5: Freedom Tower design finally put out of its misery

Good times. Good times. Join us for many more, won't you?