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Party Like It's 1999: MaxDelivery Is Live

God, life is good! The trees are blooming, the sun is shining, and, once again, New Yorkers can get candy bars, DVDs, and tampons delivered to their doors in less than hour. MaxDelivery, the second coming of Kozmo and UrbanFetch, is ready to deliver to a downtown (and select uptown) neighborhood near you. No word yet on whether there are free t-shirts and hats, but if this promo shot of the delivery guy is any indication, you don't want 'em. $20 off your first order with registration if you use the coupon code ONEHOUR. (NB: In case you're thinking about getting stoned and ordering Caddyshack and one Mr. Goodbar, please remember that there's a $4.95 fee for orders under $50.)
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