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Curbed Readers Write: Chinatown 'Luxury' and JSF's Dilemma

1) A Curbed reader emails, "In response to the The Chinatown Rules Redux: Save The Old People! story, I live in the building, 80 Elizabeth Street. I can confirm that the tenants are very diverse with the majority of the tenants still being chinese. The diverse tenants base is because the building is truly a luxury building in chinatown but within the proximity of nolita and noho. Typical apts have amenities like 13" feet ceilings / full service doorman and the average square footage for apts is 900+. There is absolutely no 'renovation costs' and to mention that is absurd. Here's a listing [photo, right] I found on craigslist for an apartment that is currently for rent in the building. As you can see there isnt even a brokers fee or any mention of additional costs."
2) Regarding the real estate doings of novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, A Curbed reader emails, "Sure we're all envious of JSF and his new digs in Park Slope's 2nd St. Who wouldn't be? But the real plotline ahead is: will youthful novelist retain those two rear lots in 3rd St. as a lovely private garden, or will he succumb to temptation, cash out, and sell them off to a developer? In another recent case of a through-the-block lot in the Slope -- the mansion in Berkeley Place between 8th Ave. and Plaza St. West -- the owner sold off the rear lot facing Union St. (plus his own air rights) and the result was The Shinnecock. Could our protagonist JSF pull the same stunt? Quite possibly... according to the Park Slope Historic District designation report, those rear lots are outside the historic district, just like the Union St. lot was, which means no hassle with the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Sell them off, throw in your own air rights too, and pay down that $6M mortgage! If Slopers want to reduce the temptation for JSF, they should start loading up on copies of Incredibly Close..."