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The Curious Case of Shaun Osher

Recall Shaun Osher, the broker who reputedly pulled a Shvo a few weeks back when he walked out of Douglas Elliman with a pile of listings? Word on the street was that Osher had set up shop at a new outfit called Newcastle Realty Group (N.B. zero Google hits). Lo and behold, a Curbed tipster reports, "Newcastle Realty Group just sent out emails w/their listings [we're not on the list?!?ed] that where Sean Osher/Elliman and his crew went and also Fredrik Eklund from JCDeniro? [Indeed, Eklund gone from JCDeniro site, but still alive in the Google cache.] This looks like it will be a dynamite new company."

And yet... we can't help but note that Osher has made a glorious return to the Elliman website. So just who's part of the Newcastle Realty Group? The reputed pre-launch website doesn't offer many clues. After the jump, we dig into the domain registration records. The truth is out there, people.
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Blue Sky Jets, eh? That's gotta mean something.
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