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The Tower of Much Babel

Ever since we wrote about the controversy surrounding the is-it-or-isn't-it dormitory at 81 East Third St., there's been a steady stream of email flooding the Curbed inbox on the topic. Many are outraged over the 13-story building going up in the famously low-rise East Village, some aren't. Here's the latest missive on New York Law School's half-dorm/half-residential tower:

Perhaps the law school should wait until the DOB resolves their law suit (recently filed) concerning the building and see whether the BSA (Board of Standards and Appeal) will pass muster on this "bait and switch" hoax which is trying to make a mockery of the Zoning Resolution. City Planners Unite!!! And btw, the Zoning Resolution was amended in July 2004 at the request of the DOB to clarify that college and school dormitories are accommodations provided by the educational institution for its students. The point is: No school (it does not have to be a "University") was ever affiliated with this development which we understand is required from the beginning. The law students might have to wait awhile; perhaps forever!

As you can see, emotions are running high, perhaps out of proportion to the scale of the project. Is a 13-story building really that horrible? With that question in mind, we grabbed the Curbed photo team and headed over to Third Street to find out. The results are above, but a more telling angle of the building's stance in the neighborhood is located, as they say, after the jump.

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