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Rumblings and Bumblings Responses: Make Way for Condos

[Earlier this week, we debuted a new weekly Curbed feature. Here's how it works: you email us questions about what's being built (or unbuilt) in your neighborhood. Other Curbed readers email us the scoop. We sip a mint julep and lie in a hammock, swinging gently in the breeze.]

1) East Village: Regarding the construction near St. Ann's Church on East 12th Street, a Curbed reader emails, "And I thought buying a coop next to a Church would be a pretty safe bet.....except when that Church is St Anns on 12th St between 3rd and 4th ave and it's being torn down to make way for condos. Hudson Properties owns the site, no plans yet least I never had much of a view in that direction anyway. 111 4th more likely to suffer than the rest of the block." Adds another reader, "We live across the street, and have heard from our doormen that the church will also be razed for a new residential building somewhere between 10 and 15 stories tall. Only rumor at this point."
2) Dumbo: Someone asked what 3 Main Street in Dumbo is becoming. A Curbed correspondent reports, "your reader might be inquiring about the corner storefront at 37 main street (the old GAle GAtes space). no word on any tenant. anyone interested in leasing should probably call 718-W-A-L-E-N-T-A-S." Adds another reader, "If 3 Main Street is that industrial building along the park across from the Clocktower Building, then it is becoming the Empire Stores, a high-end mall to be built on Water Street by Boymelgreen Developers."
3) Bed Stuy: Regarding construction in Bed Stuy reputed to be a new Home Depot, a reader emails, "From someone I know who works in the area, yes, it's being built by Home Depot. Not sure if it's an actual store, or just a warehouse. But the (really loud) construction has been going on every weekday for the past month-and-a-half or so."
4) Park Slope: About that building terminally under construction at 14th Street and Seventh Ave: "They might be talking about 377 14th st, which is a renovated theater that has a large deck in the middle of the building where I assume the screen and seats used to be. I'm actually renting an apartment in the building (I'm an agent with Citi Habitats) and it is a fascinating building. The deck is huge, shared between two apartments on the 2nd floor, about 600 sq. ft. of deck for each unit. The apartments themselves are on the southern side of the building, with the deck taking up that large half on the north side. The first floor has no outdoor space, and the 3rd and fourth floor apartments have small terraces, I believe, but of course no deck."

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