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1 Kenmare Square Update: Now Officially Undulating

While the City Section investigates how André Balazs' 1 Kenmare Square got its fancy prefab address, a Curbed correspondent checks out the building's progress. Regarding those undulating curves, our man doesn't like what he sees:

When I first noticed the new building going up in Nolita, it seemed to be a promising addition to the neighborhood, small in scale and elegant in design. HOWEVER, I passed by yesterday and finally saw the facade. Oh my god, are they crazy? Black glass with what looks like steel grommets and almost black brickwork!!?? It looks like the headquarters for a shady offshore investment company or the International S&M Society. It neither complements or harmonizes with the character of the surrounding neighborhood, which has 1,000 percent more character in its ancient architecture. I shudder to contemplate how much the architects were paid for this atrocity and how much the "spaces" inside this black hole of calcutta will cost. Add another one to the list of dumbass buildings!

More photos of the latest in luxury undulation, after the jump.

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