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Dia: Meatpacking to Anchor High Line... At What Cost?

With the news that the Dia: Chelsea museum is set to move ten blocks south and become Dia: Meatpacking, blogger/thinker/dreamer Felix Salmon ponders the implications for the High Line, whose south end the museum apparently will anchor:

If there was a real will to make Dia: Meatpacking an integral part of the Highline experience, as opposed to a museum leveraging the foot traffic that the Highline will generate, I'm sure it could make itself free without too much difficulty. The two could work wonderfully together: Dia could drive traffic up the Highline, possibly towards destination galleries in Chelsea, while the Highline would help deliver and introduce a whole new public to hard-edged contemporary art.Meantime, the Sunday NYT Arts section offers a nice overview of the High Line's recent saga. Our new BFFs at The Gutter note, "Who made it happen? In order of appearance: Paula Scher, Joel Sternfeld, Sandra Bernhard, Kevin Bacon, Martha Stewart, Ed Norton, Robert Caro, Gifford Miller, Diane von Furstenberg and the Museum of Modern Art. Rust never had it so fab."
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