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South Bronx Gets a Harlem Makeover

What's so unusual about this four-story East Harlem townhouse up for sale for $1.5 million? Surely it's not the exquisite bamboo flooring or amazing city views. No, it's something far more subtle, yet slightly significant. Check the address and you'll realize that not only is the townhouse not in East Harlem, but it's not even in the same borough. While intentionally fudging Soho or East Williamsburg (not Bushwick not Bushwick not Bushwick) borders is nothing new, jumping boroughs takes a different kind of bravura. Notes a Curbed reader, "No disrespect to East Harlem, but from a property-value perspective, it's sort of sad when East Harlem is what your neighborhood looks up to. Did they think that would justify the $1.5M asking price (what I hear is a record for a townhouse in the Bronx??)"
· Listing: 63 Bruckner Boulevard [Elliman]