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Introducing The Gutter

Just yesterday, evidently sensing a disturbance in the force, a Curbed reader emailed,

Why is it that you guys have so much time to go out against architects? Do you realize that they are hired by developers who purchase properties that are made available for Large developments because of the city planning commissions zoning changes? That is who you should be going after. So get your priorities straight?or maybe just get a life!!!We had a decision to make: Leave the Architects Alone (as the subject header of the above email declared), or... what if... Curbed published a brand new blog that was even meaner to architects? We finished our bloody mary and decided to act. From halfway inside that strange, strange world comes The Gutter, "Ill-mannered commentary on the architectural arts." It's got its own sources, its own attitude, and soon enough, we're sure, its own lawsuits. Do check it out.
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