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It Happened One Weekend: Notel Dread, Cotels Spread

1) Inside the hush-hush world of short-term rentals to tourists on the sly: "In the end, it all caught up with me. I was done." [NYTimes]
2) Brooklyn gets its very own condo-hotel, at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Smith Street (right). Apocalypse assured as BoCoCa beast (that's the intersection of Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens, of course) is unleashed on an unsuspecting public. [NYPost]
3) Chinese developers are recreating the Upper East Side in Beijing. We always knew the UES was for Communists. [William Neuman/Big Deal]
4) Home Depot deal in Tribeca falls through due to "construction issues." If there's one store that probably shouldn't have any construction issues... [NYPost]
5) When disaster strikes, owners suddenly become renters: "To ask permission to have a cat was weird." [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
6) What seat fillers are to the Oscars, artists are to 40 Worth St.: occupying empty space until the big boys arrive. [Lisa Chamberlain/Square Feet]