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Calling Bullshit: NikeiD Is for Suckers

Blogger Jen Bekman has her laces in a bunch over the new NikeiD store on Elizabeth St. She writes,

I've totally had it with this NikeiD crap. It's been a simmering resentment since I've walked past their Elizabeth St store which is unsightly when closed and unwelcoming when it's open. Then there was the anonymous tipster who tipped me off over and over (and over) again about the young geniuses who designed the store. Then Dana and I were politely but firmly turned away. Then the blogger contest started and I got more pissed off. Then Josh Rubin posted this morning about being "fortunate enough" to be invited inside their hallowed halls.Lest we end up on Jen's list, we will not link to the NikeiD website (just try to find it!) or to the Times mag piece that ran this weekend or that post we did about Nike street art. We are so not part of the problem. [photo via co-opted blogger Tien Mao]
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