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I am Donald, Hear Me Roar

Like you need further proof of a bubble, but here it is anyway: In true 80s fashion, Donald Trump is back on top of the real estate record books. Taking a break from showing off the twins and plugging "The Apprentice," The Donald paused for a moment to set the mark for the biggest residential sale in city history, unloading the Riverside South (or "Trump Place" to fans) plot of land for a horse-choking $1.8 billion. Trump and his cabal of Hong Kong investors are selling three rental buildings already on the 77-acre site to the Extell Development Corporation, and the Carlyle Group is swooping in for the rest of the land between 59th and 72nd Streets in order to build! build! build! Ten more buildings in all. Hey, somebody throw on some Flock of Seagulls and pass the coke, this thing's never bursting!
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