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Curbed Readers Write: Rugby in the Village

1) Regarding the rumblings about the new store going in at 12th and University, a Curbed reader emaiks, "It's not 'Polo' actually, but 'Rugby.' It's an entirely new line by Ralph Lauren geared for the college student (16-25) or anyone with younger (and good) taste. So, it will definitely enhance the neighborhood with some much needed class. I mean come on people... Pall Mall was crap and the thought of another Gap, Bananna, H&M, etc. chain with the same old shit???"
2) Regarding Jake Bronstein's adventures in the Bryant Park fountain, a Curbed reader emails, "You see your friend Mr Bronstein on Page Six last week? Seems he offended Howard Stern (who's been talking about him almost every day since) by making some very obvious comments on G4 TV and got fired for it. I know the guy loves atention, but I'm sure this little debacle was unplanned."
3) Apropos of nothing, a Curbed reader writes, "Wassup wit ConEd on Irving Place? They have this beautiful beaux arts building that is used for a service guys, basic admin and execs. Why not sell to covnert to condos so my coop on Second Avenue goes up in value?"
4) A desperate Curbed junkie emails, "please PLEASE dont make me wait til monday for more said youd do them all this week!" [Buddha say, patience in all things?ed.]