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'Hoodwinked Finalist #7: The CAToLOG District

Name: The CAToLOG District ("Can't Afford To Live On Gramercy")
Submitted By: David Schleicher
Boundaries: 23rd to 34th Street, from Madison to the East River
Description: A neighborhood that actually needs a name (look at the cab maps -- it's the only one in the city that's gray -- and, no, Rosehill does not count) and is full of young people who can't buy anything except what they find on

[The heat slowed us down a bit, so more finalists Monday in advance of the reader vote for the winner. Stay tuned. Previous 'Hoodwinked finalists: WoBro, Bloombergsbury, FLATenD, The Nightie Drawer, TRUMPO, 20-Something. Illustrations by Jonathan Van Gieson with thanks to Google Maps.]