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Nightclub Closes; Neighborhood Becomes Less Stabby

The velvet rope has been plopped on the sidewalk outside Hudson Square superclub NV for the last time. The last record has been spun, the last phone number has been programmed into a cellphone, the last vodka-cranberry has been roofied. And, as reported by the Villager, neighbors are sorry to bid the neighborhood staple?and the rash of murders and stabbings it inspired?adieu: "The place was a total hellhole, we're very happy to see it go." OK, maybe not, but at least a former club employee offers a stirring defense of his previous employer: "We tried to keep the neighborhood in mind, there was no smoking outside, or inside." Ha! You see! They adhered to laws. One of them, anyway.
· Party's over at notorious NV club [Villager]