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'Hoodwinked Finalist #9: DECAF (& FESTER)

Submitted By: Katherine Maher
Boundaries: Delancey to Canal on Forsyth (& corner Forsyth/Hester)
Description: Known for its lack of anything remotely gentrified, Forsyth between Delancey and Canal remains a neighborhood best left to those with a fluent knowledge of Mandarin and taste for pre-marinated frog's legs. DECAF it is: a little dark, a little dirty, no real punch and a bitter taste to your mouth, perhaps the only four block stretch left in Manhattan without so much as a cappucino in sight. Inside DECAF is my actual corner, or as we lovingly refer to it, the great big FESTER (Forsyth & Hester), so called for the steaming piles of rubbish on the corner, the rotting fish, and the rats who call it home. Yum yum!

[Tomorrow: You vote for finalist #10! Previous 'Hoodwinked finalists: Red Honk, The CAToLOG District, WoBro, Bloombergsbury, FLATenD, The Nightie Drawer, TRUMPO, 20-Something. Illustrations by Jonathan Van Gieson with thanks to Google Maps.]