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Don't Ask About the Greens Fees

On a morning when one particular hedge-fund-working, wide-bodied-Village-townhouse-owning douche is taking his lumps, New York real estate columnist S. Jhoanna Robledo reminds us that no one individual has a monopoly on real estate hubris in our fair city:

Ten months after she and her husband moved into 111 Worth Street, Catherine Locker's still impressed. Mornings, the staff serves coffee and baked goods to residents; evenings, it's milk and cookies. An on-site valet takes care of her dry-cleaning, and, if she's so inclined, she can teleconference at the business center. The pièce de résistance: a putting green (pictured) and a driving range. "I've never used it," she admits. "But I like the idea that I can."Personally, we've never engaged in counter-revolutionary tactics to tear down the entrenched socio-political structure of our society. But we like the idea that we can.
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