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Report: Animal Kindgom Invades DUMBO

DUMBO, named after a vicious and wild beast, is now?appropriately, some would say?attracting them. A Curbed reader writes:

Returning home by car service my colleague got my attention by exclaiming 'Is that a PIG?' I was too busy paying the driver to look at first. But as I stepped out I noticed there was something indeed 'pig-like' rooting around at the end of the street. Fairly large, naked tail, long snout in the down position. We tried to get a closer look as whatever it was seemed completely oblivious to us. So we managed to get fairly close, it wasn't a cat, wasn't a stray dog, was not a supersized rat. It was a very large, I would say 10-15 lb. possum, acting very much at home in front of and in the dismal lot next to 10 Jay St.Odd, yes, but the possum is very rodent-like in appearance, so we'll reserve judgment until we see some photographic proof. Until then, though, the reader baits us with an idea too good to pass up: "Name suggestion would be appreciated and you could use it perhaps as the new mascot for 70 Washington." So, readers, who among you will step up and be the bigger man? Who will take in and nurture little Walentas?
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