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It Happened One Weekend: Shore Soars! No, Really

1) The Post makes the case for the Jersey Shore, pointing to new developments like Pier Village in Long Branch (right) and other high-end rental units as evidence that the area is challenging the Hamptons. OK, maybe not, but even the long-neglected Asbury Park beachfront and boardwalk will be redeveloped. Bruce Springsteen could not be reached for comment. [NYPost]
2) Always willing to share a few honest words, realtors tell the Times they are relieved that the spring "correction" is taking shape - a shape not unlike an oval, one that's light and hollow and floating through the air. A globule, if you will. [NYTimes]
3) Checking in on the Garment District: Fashion hasn't disappeared, but manufacturing jobs almost have. Throw in an obligatory zoning battle, and you've got an area that's heating up. [Lisa Chamberlain/Square Feet]
4) Speaking of run-down beach areas, a new building in Freeport, Long Island (where the LIRR dumps you to catch the bus to Jones Beach) is marketing live-work lofts specifically to artists?downtown Freeport's first new building in 50 years. Call it ... EaHo? [NYPost]
5) This week's edition of The Hunt, in which a theater actor tries to navigate the murky New York real estate waters and squeeze his comfortable Los Angeles life into an Upper West Side shoebox, is completely overshadowed by the fact that his family includes both a Sarah Lawrence and a Joey Lawrence. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
6) Fun game for a Monday morning: replace all instances of "town house," "home" and "property" in this article with "penis." Seriously, you won't be sorry. [NYTimes]