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Home Depot Heats Up Flatiron

Looking to beat the heat? Home Depot on 23rd Street perhaps ought not to be your first stop. A special Curbed correspondent reports:

In this heat, it's no surprise that there's lot of demand for big fans and air conditioners at the Home Depot near the Flatiron Building. What is surprising that the demand is coming from the sweltering employees. The problem is in the store near the Flatiron building, in the old, beautiful Hasbro offices. I first noticed this a week ago walking by on my way to work and spotted that all the doors were open and -- oddly -- all the chandeliers in the lighting depatment were dark so they wouldn't generate heat. Dropped in Monday night and it's worse. Fans are sprinkled around the sales floor. A cashier was practically leaning gainst one. They were all very polite -- until you asked them about the A/C. "There's a lot of people sweating here," said one woman.

Upstairs, however, the offices have those rolling air conditioners, where you're supposed to hang a big exhaust tube out the window. Except the folks up there have the tube (they look like flexible dryer vents) going out of their doorways into store, pumping heat back into the sales area.

Do note the photo above, showing this special executive chill-out in action. Hotness, indeed.
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