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'Hoodwinked Finalist #10: RAMBO

Submitted By: Heath Binder & Adam Wills*
Boundaries: Right After the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. The neighborhood stretching between Tillary Street and York Steet, north of the Manhattan Bridge
Description: Ever been to Dumbo? Nice, isn?t it, with all of the fancy restaurants, the waterfront views, the arts scene ? if you cross north over the Manhattan Bridge, however, you?re still in the same zip code (11201), and people (realtors) still refer to the neighborhood as Dumbo, but it?s, well, a little different from the high-priced condo haven. For starters, Fresh Direct won?t deliver to ?our part? of the zip code. Two, our closest 24-hour store is the McDonalds on Tillary Street. Three, we?ve got the projects. The neighborhood is nice and green and hell, my rent is great compared to what I?d be paying for space on the South side of the bridge, considering that I?m literally a three-minute walk from it, but I think it deserves a moniker which appropriately reflects its grittiness. We are still industrial, you know.

*Two entrants submitted RAMBO. We took the boundaries from one and the description from the other to create to today's finalists. Should America decide that RAMBO is the winner, Heath and Adam will split the 2 nights at THOR.

[Still still to come: You vote for the last finalist and the grand prize winner! Previous 'Hoodwinked finalists: DECAF (& FESTER), Red Honk, The CAToLOG District, WoBro, Bloombergsbury, FLATenD, The Nightie Drawer, TRUMPO, 20-Something. Illustrations by Jonathan Van Gieson with thanks to Google Maps.]