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New Yankee Stadium: The Insta-Reviews!

1) Nicholai Ourousouff: "As architecture, it could not be duller. A predictable mix of old and new, its conventional interiors and faux historical skin are a quaint version of the existing Yankee Stadium... It represents the kind of watered-down view of history that remains a dispiriting trend in New York architecture." [NYTimes]
2) Justin Davidson: "There is something curiously muddled about this decision, a terminal confusion between preservation and simulation." [Newsday via Archinect]
3) GoRocket: "Can we please, please, keep the Giambi bashing to one of the 4,432 [threads] that are currently open and let this ONE Yankee Stadium topic stay on topic please!" []
4) The Guttersniper: "Please note the rather two-dimensional gray horseshoe. What, pray tell, might that be? Dare we suggest a razed Monument of Modern Architecture? Yes, it just might be! Yankee Stadium. The Yankee Stadium.... a place set for demolition by the Evil Forces of Greed! Please excuse us while The Gutter sheds its first tear." [The Gutter]