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Peace in the Middle East (Village)

If you recall, the East Village has been going through the dumpling war to end all dumpling wars. It's been a messy affair, with spilled dough and chopped beef running red through the streets. But finally, a truce! A Curbed tipster notes:

plump dumpling has apparently acquiesced to the threats of being squashed by the dumpling man, having transformed into a smiling yellow heart.....which has nothing to do with being plump, or a dumpling, although gorging on greasy pork dumplings might in fact turn ones heart yellow.Peace in our time! Above is the Dumpling Man's logo, as well as the original Plump Dumpling logo that caused him to go apeshit, both stolen from the Dumpling Man's, um, friendly welcome-to-the-neighborhood flyer. On the right is the brand new Plump Dumpling logo. Still cutesy, just not edible?unless you feast on the hearts of the living.
· Put on a Happy Face: Inside the EVil's Dumpling War [Curbed]