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Extra, Extra: Ratner, Er, Brooklyn Is Booming!

People, have you heard the good news? Brooklyn is booming! So says a very special issue of, er, The Brooklyn Standard. You know not of the Standard? Why, it's the brand new tabloid hitting the stands today that's published by none other than Bruce Ratner himself! It's a wonderful publication. But don't take our word for it?let's give new Nets broadcaster Marv Albert the floor:

What made you want to sign on with the Nets?

Albert: I have such great respect for Bruce Ratner and I?ve known Rod Thorn for years. Also, the coaching staff, the YES network?I just have tremendous respect for all these people. It?s a wonderful opportunity, and I am thrilled about it, I?m so excited. Let?s get the season started.· The Brooklyn Standard [PDF download, via Daily Heights]