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70 Washington Wants You to Pick Up the Tab

Arriving on the heels of the news that 70 Washington has been unceremoniously downgraded are notes from two tipsters, who both chimed in with their further displeasure for the development du année. Looks like the 20% deposits aren't the only unusual stipulation:

My husband & I are considering buying in this building and are going through the contract now. They are asking for 1% of the sales price (whenever we sell) to go back to the Condo association & they also want us to pay their attorney's fees. Finally after we close they want 5 months of the closing cost up front Interesting...we are reconsidering due to the above.

The second anti-Washingtonian echoes a similar sentiment: "The offering plan has prices some 11% lower than the addendum that is guiding current pricing. They expect purchaser's to pay the Sponsor's legal costs at closing (in the range of $1500-$2250)!" Tune in next week, when the Walentas will demand your first born (males only), the majority of your bone marrow and the rental costs for the horse they rode in on.
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