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Dueling Downtown Diners: It's On

A Curbed source, deep in the bowels of Manhattan, sends word of an impending diner showdown:

An up-and-coming battle is coming at the corner of Greenwich and Rector in the Financial District. George's Diner is about to reopen soon (but who knows when? They were "hiring" three months ago and still haven't shown signs that they're ready to open yet), but the newly renovated Cafe Bravo (sitting catty-corner from George's) looks like it might be the first new place on the scene.After the jump, a peak inside and a gratuitous shot at the UWS.
"Walking by at noon today, I looked in the open doorway and got a few pictures with the cheerful construction staff. Everything seems to be installed and it looks like it's reopening soon. (Which is amazing progress, because they gutted the place down to the basement floor starting in February)

"What does this mean for Lower Manhattan? A battle for the hearts, minds, and stomachs of stockbrokers and administrative clerks, that's what. In any case, it's becoming a real neighborhood now. Us pioneering Financial District residents should have not one, but two spiffy new places to dine in the near future. Upper West Side, suck it."