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Shake Shack: Officially Over

The Transom reports from everyone's favorite little food stand in the middle of Madison Square Park:

"Large or small?" asked Martha Stewart of the Madison Square Park Shake Shack?s lunchtime regulars on Tuesday, June 21?most of whom seemed unimpressed with their billionaire burger-server... The idea for the segment, according to a hanger-on, was to go around the country and film "fun and fabulous" places to eat. "You never know where she?s gonna be!" said a member of the Ms. Stewart?s team. "Hence the Shake Shack! This was perfect for her, as she loves burgers and frankfurters."Ms. Stewart's "Down and Out" cruise through the Lower Manhattan chow scene continues with a stop at the Chipotle on St. Mark's Place ("Can McDonalds really own this delightful little spot?"), then to Plump Dumpling ("Martha hearts plump dumplings!"), and finally to Union Square Cafe for a late six-course lunch ("Danny, the Sauternes? You shouldn't have.")
· Fry, Martha! [The Transom]