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70 Washington: Live Like You're Homeless

When the nuclear holocaust finally arrives and wipes us all off the face of the Earth, the only things left will be cockroaches and those who want to argue about 70 Washington. Yesterday the messenger pigeons nearly collapsed from fatigue, as scores of people lined up to shoot down those who complained about minor inconveniences like a flip tax and footing the bill for the seller's legal fees. Some decided to make it personal:

as for the people who are appauled at the 11% increase in the offering plan (again, it is common for the prices to go up - pre-construction or first offering gets the lowest price - duh), well maybe they should have gotten their asses out and sleeping on the street (a la the NEXUS condos) and maybe they would have gotten in first at a lower price. BOO HOO.Children, play nice. Let's keep this battle on circuitry, not the streets. Still, others felt they needed to knock the building down an additional peg or two: "One other thing not mentioned anywhere - anything facing the Manhattan Bridge are freaking LOUD. We went into one and closed the windows, but still, whenever the train comes over the bridge you can hear it. Seems awfully ridiculous for the prices." It's official: next Curbed contest, we're giving the Q Lines away! 20% deposits for everybody! Whee!
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