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Brownstoner Insists Crack, Babies Don't Mix

Seems like a little report on Brooklynites' most popular complaints touched a big nerve over at Brownstoner HQ. He decided to open up about his own personal Clinton Hill gripes:

During the past several months, we've had to dislodge three different people who decided our stoop was an ideal spot to sleep, eat, shoot up and relieve themselves--without even the decency to clean up after any of those activities. When asked to move on by us, initially quite non-confrontationally, we were often met with an indignant sense of entitlement, as though they had a right to be there. It's mighty hard not to let one's liberal values lapse when your 2-year-old has to navigate her way through crack pipes and pools of urine to make it in your front door.Oh, did we neglect to mention that the 'stoner brood have yet to even move into the house? Imagine the full-time delights that await them! You know, we were wondering where Corcoran had that crack alley shipped off to.
· Quality of Life--Or Lack Thereof [Brownstoner]