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Upper East Side: Where The Better Half Parties

The Post reports today that hip downtowners are moving to the staid grounds of the Upper East Side, seeking a residential life that's, well, just more boring than life amid an endless sprawl of trendy bars and restaurants. Don't believe this is actually a trend? Take the word of Frederick Lesort, "owner of the eponymous uptown private club and a newly opened restaurant on Madison Avenue":

"Uptown may not be the trendiest crowd, but it's a much better clientele," he says. "It's more faithful. You don't have to be the hottest, trendiest restaurant. You just have to take care of people. The social aspect of it is not so crucial. But downtown, a place has to be trendy - and even if it is, within three months that's over, and it has to close."
Ah, Frederick's, that mellowest of nightlife venues, of which Citysearch notes, "Patrons are marked with a stamp of approval upon entry into the subterranean space." Adds another happy Upper East Side customer, "There is an Upper East Side element to me. I'm slightly preppy. I'm from Connecticut."
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