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Champagne Wishes and Rooftop Dreams

It's rooftop-mania Friday on Curbed! The mention of the 1st and 1st Cape Codder has sent a flood of correspondence our way detailing other oddly placed houses around the city, and you're invited to send your sightings along, too (photo attachments receive a shiny gold star!). We also welcome any and all wild speculation and rumormongering about the origins/tenants of these homes (emails to, but for now let's just have a looksie.

A reader writes of the above beauty: "It's on 75th and West End (pic was taken facing southeast). It's been there for, I don't know, maybe close to 10 years, maybe more. It looks like maybe it's accessible through the apartment below, but I can't see the front from my balcony, so who knows if there's a front door and a stoop on the south wall."
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