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505 Court: Beware Falling Objects

When it comes to the lofts at 505 Court Street?the development Brooklynites love to hate (well, the one that's not in Dumbo)?we've heard plenty of complaints about scuffed floors, broken windows, peeling paint, outdated kitchens and bathrooms and crack deals o'plenty. But what, friends, of the actual structure? Solid as a rock or rapidly decaying? A Curbed reader takes aim and unleashes the Tirade of the Day:

I'm hoping whoever is thinking of plopping down a million plus for a loft at this crumbling old factory will talk to some of the tenants. Just listening to the real estate pitch might leave out some interesting factoids. For instance, the place is physically dissolving.

Want to know more? Of course you do. More from the email after the jump. I dated a girl who lived in one of those places and for five years her bedroom had a permanent waterfall in it from all the leaks. her whole apt leaked, but her bedroom was really bad. Whenever it rained, it was like a Vegas spectacular inside. Basically, as far as I can tell, the concrete that makes up the building is old and dissolving and allows all the rain to permeate the walls and ceilings.

Sort of like the issues they had at the Clock Tower in DUMBO, only worse. Plus, where the Clock Tower had lovely views of downtown and the Brooklyn Bridge, my ex's view at 505 had lovely views of the BQE, so close up that no amount of window insulation could shut it the endless deisel soundtrack.

(Needless to say, the chunks of plaster falling from the ceilings and the constant roar of the BQE didn't help our relationship much.)

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