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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Hudson Hawk, Hawk Hugger Sell

1) Bruce Willis is selling his massive duplex condo in Trump Tower for close to the $14.5 million asking price, after first putting it on the market at $19.5 million one year ago. The 6,700-square-foot unit has 15-rooms, including a 60-foot-long living room and unobstructed views in three directions (right). Negatives include being right below The Donald's penthouse, meaning a roof collapse caused by the weight of 10,000 solid gold La-Z-Boys is always a possibility. [Braden Keil/NYPost]
2) Hawk-lover Mary Tyler Moore finally got a buyer past the Pale Male-hating co-op board at 927 Fifth Avenue. She and husband Dr. S. Robert Levine sold their full-floor three-bedroom apartment in the (in)famous building for $18 million, after asking for $18.5. The board had rejected a Russian financier who wanted to buy it for $19 million, a move that some say contributed to Moore's anger about the hawk situation. No word on whether she flipped them the bird on move-out day. [William Neuman/Big Deal]
3) In a bit of shocking news that has taken us nearly six full days to comprehend, Robert De Niro is moving out of the neighborhood that he built up with his own two hands (they were used to write the checks). He sold off his Tribeca apartment at 110 Hudson Street for $12.5 million, and?brace yourself?he may be eyeing an uptown move. He joins a prominent list of longtime Tribeca residents who have recently ditched the 'hood, a list that includes Cynthia Rowley and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. [Manhattan Transfers]
4) Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, fresh off unloading their West Village townhouse for about $7 million, have decided to set up camp (partially, at least) in Tribeca for when the moody brood is on this side of the pond. C'mon guys, haven't you heard? The cool kids are all leaving Tribeca. They paid $7.95 million for a 7,000-square-foot loft-like condo. Coldtrow is also buying a place in Westchester County so their Apple can grow. [William Neuman/Big Deal]
5) Tying up a Curbed loose end, we're happy to pass on word that Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez paid $7.5 million for his new Trump Park Avenue digs. The place has his-and-hers whirlpool baths, perfect to soothe the muscle aches that are the unintended consequence of ritualistic human sacrifice. [Braden Keil/NYPost]