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Lower East Side Rumor Roundup

A languorous weekend spent lazing around Curbed HQ on the Lower East Side dredges up a slew of neighborhood rumors. To be taken with a grain of salt, we give you:

1) The owner of Dark Room, the, um, dark Ludlow Street bar, is renovating a space across from the Hotel on Rivington that previously held a Chinese deli into a new live music venue destined to compete with Pianos. Opening slated for this fall.
2) A block east, LES staple Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop is set to relocate to the larger corner space across the street from Schiller's that previously held Cafe Luise.
3) On Norfolk Street, next door to Tonic, construction crews are readying the foundation for a 17-story condo tower. Anyone seen the design?
4) And here's a doozy. Word on the street is that Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have purchased Norfolk Street hangout Lansky Lounge, with plans to remake it into a celeb-friendly club.