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70 Washington Update: Penthouse Pets

It's not a Monday morning at Curbed without a fresh reader report from 70 Washington, the Dumbo development that has come to embody all that is joyous, good, wonderful, and terrifying about real estate in NYC, circa 2005. Today's reader email is a doozy:

I'm not sure if you are still interested in the 70 Washington story in Dumbo, but I got a kick out of some of the feedback on your site. I had an offer for two of the penthouses and wanted to join them together, so no question I was willing to spend some serious coin. However, logically, I asked (after paying $250 per unit to "reserve" them for 3 days while my architects looked at the plans) that they not build out both kitchens or at least leave me a blank box?they unconditionally said "no" and said I could take delivery of both apartments and then tear them apart at my leisure and rebuild at my leisure. What a waste! All of the other feedback you have had is absolutely true.Good to know! As is the fact that some folks are very happy to be part of the 70 Washington fun, whether or not they're buying all 1,409 square feet of Penthouse P, seen above. From another reader email: "The building is beautful, I decided to go forward because you just can't get the space and quality in Manhattan. I know that certain lines have a reasonable price per square footage and are almost gone (A, S). I believe they will work with you on the percentage down as well." (Curbed dot com: we report, you decide!)
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