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Silverstein's TenantQuest VII: Touch My Walls

With development at the World Trade Center site mired in nothingness, and developer Larry Silverstein's 7 World Trade Center?that's 250 Greenwich Street to you?still lacking, you know, tenants, it's time to commence the resuscitation PR campaign for downtown's newest tower. Cue the inevitable NYT story write about those warmed-over glowing walls at 7 WTC. Hey, look: archibabble aplenty!

The spandrels themselves are curved, made of folded textured steel that reflects the light not only from the sky, but also from blue steel window sills at each floor. This configuration scatters light upward within the tower's glass skin, "embedding the sky in the glass surface," as Mr. Carpenter put it.Um, yeah. However, the article does offer us one useful bit to sink our teeth into: the new Freedom Tower plans are to be unveiled on Wednesday. We'll be holding our breath, and touching our walls, til then.
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