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If it Looks Like a Dog, and Barks Like a Dog...

As you may have heard, NYC2012 (just nine more days, people!) unleashed a sketch of Shea II: Attack of the Foreigners, and while we enjoy the Times' ... shall we say, understated enthusiam?"Its major architectural flourish is that it actually has a design just two weeks after the plan was conceived"?give us The Guttersniper any day of the week and thrice on Sunday (or he'll kill us. Literally. He will hunt us down and murder us in our gentle slumber):

It is only barely worth wasting bandwidth on?let's go out on a limb: New York will not be hosting the Olympics in 2012?but the Plan B stadium in Queens is, truly, we can all agree, a dog of the most doggish sort.Apparently lost in the shuffle: the Mets would play the 2012 season in Yankee Stadium. The freakishness of that spectacle would almost be worth the $600 million price tag and influx of French.
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