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Rooftop Mania Redux Redux: Chalet Dreams

It... just... won't... stop! And why should it? With soaring temperatures, rooftop living seems like the only way to go. Emails concerning NYC's rooftop mania continue to pour in from Curbed readers:

1) Upper West Side: "In a recent post on your site, a reader wrote, 'i went out on the balcony, and i saw another. Here's a looks like it's on 77th and Broadway.' This property is actually at 210 West 78th Street -- the view in this photo is looking at the northeast facade. The attached picture (seen here) is looking at the southwest facade. Also, here is a link to the New York Times article on the property."
2) Midtown East: "The last time I looked, there was a house on top of a commercial building between 42nd and 43rd or 43rd and 44th near Fifth. The house looked very suburban, and had an Astro-Turf lawn."
3) Chelsea: "There's also a rooftop penthouse on 8th Avenue and 14th (maybe closer to 15th?), right by where the new 30,000-square foot (or whatever) Balducci's is being put in. I don't have many details on it aside from the fact that pigeons love to shit on it, but what else is new. I can scope it from my 18th floor view on Horatio Street, but never whipped on the binocs to peek inside."
4) Upper West Side: I have friends who live on the UWS, 71st between Columbus and CPW. They are in a 6th floor walk-up rental 2 bedroom, 2 bath duplex. The second level of their place is a living room and full bathroom that was "built-up" in the 1980's, and has a nice roof-deck. The building owner explained to them that they can't build-up on many roof-tops anymore because of zoning. Anyway, it's a decent place but sometimes those roof-top dwellings are just an additional room tacked onto an apartment. Also walking up 7 flights to get to a roof-deck isn't that fun."
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