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On the Market: UWS Rooftop Retreat

With so much talk of rooftop homes on Curbed lo these last few days, a Curbed reader emails an interesting opportunity for you to get a piece of the sky on the Upper West Side for just $425,000. Let's let him explain:

Reading your rooftop mania listings with interest, I am reminded of an open house up on W95th Street we went to a few weeks back. The floorplan says it all. Lots of outdoor space, but tiny apartment. I guess it's technically a 2-bedroom, but only about 400 sq ft. I think they recommend using it as a pied-a-tierre because you wouldn't want to actually live in it full time. The inside is nicely done but a bit hard to get around in - for example a full-size bed fills up the whole "bedroom" which doesn't actually have the door shown on the floorplan. And judging by the maintenance fees, you're paying on the outdoor square footage too. It was built up on the roof, and from what I recall there were two other apartments on top of the same building, all sharing the elevator lobby.

· Listing: West 95th Street Cooperative [Brown Harris Stevens]