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505 Court: Forget the BQE, It's the Train, Stupid!

A former resident of 505 Court St. with a serious axe to grind?chased to Jackson Heights by the conversion (that's in Queens, people!)?let us know that yesterday's daily 505 Court rant was a little misdirected. No worries, though, because he was more than willing to set us straight:

Gosh, I don't think any apartments in 505 quite qualify to be called "close up" to the BQE, which is two or three decent-sized blocks away over Hamilton Ave. We faced the BQE, too, and the winds did carry a regular dose of gritty dust into our apt, but "diesel soundtrack" sounds like an overstatement. If there's a transit-proximity problem at 505, it's to the elevated section of the F & G line that runs in and out of the Smith & 9th St station behind the building. We didn't face the el, but we could always hear the subway screeching around the long curve in the line, and our friends who faced Huntington, a few floors up from us, had it worse than us. The residents of the newer conversion behind 505 can almost literally reach out and touch the cars as they heave by.Damn it, hyperbole will not be tolerated! Meanwhile, a little birdie emails to let us know that, "The Developer has served EVICTION notices to all the market rate tenants. Have to be out on the street by July 31." Everybody: to Queens!
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