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New Freedom Tower: The Insta-Reviews

1) "It's a developer's wonder of the most wondrous sort: predictable, dignified, charmless, rational, and safe?not only in the blast-prevention department (Fort Freedom, anyone?), but in that ineffable, leasable sense that is the goal of so much Manhattan striving. Rent here!" [The Gutter]
2) "I think it's a huge improvement of the original, which didn't seem to share any kind of deeper thread with New York City except for the spire. Childs has done something unusual and uncommonly difficult in skyscraper design. He has created a modern-looking building, which evokes the entire history of New York skyscrapers... I think its unique shape proves the building is anything but a static bunker." [Wired New York Forum, where most posters are loving the new design]
3) "This is much better than the last effort! It suits the skyline and looks very graceful! The fact that there are useable floors all the way up to the roof is a massive positive! The spire isn't that great but the tower is very nice! The observation deck at the same height as the old towers is very good news too! I was planning to go to NY and go up the wtc before the attacks. I'll definately go up this tower!" [Skyscraper City Forums]
4) "Could Mr. Childs have made a less graceful building? Are they even trying anymore at SOM? Maybe that separate, locked, floor of architects and interns at SOM really is degredating their design skills. I doubt the lack of skill at SOM is the primary cause, but the external forces at work bear a majority of the blame for this design." [Grubby Kid]