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Freedom Tower, Now With 34% More Freedom!

With one eye on monolithism and the other on monotheism, the powers that be will unveil the new Freedom Tower design later this morning. Gone is Daniel Libeskind's dream, replaced with David Childs' new favored son, an 82-story tower that sorta vaguely kinda echoes the old Twin Tower design. More fun facts about the newcomer:

1) Sits on an "almost impermeable and impregnable" 200-foot concrete and steel pedestal, clad in "ornamental metalwork"
2) Above that, 69 office floors topped with a restaurant, and two observation decks
3) Antenna brings height to?wait for it?1,776 feet!

More to come throughout the day on this, uh, towering story. Before that, more images after the jump.
· Design To Be Unveiled Today For Freedom Tower [NYTimes]
· Design Plan For Freedom Tower []

If you squint hard enough, you can make believe you're in Philadelphia.

Hey, look, down there! It's Calatrava's transit hub! Man, that thing's gonna be awesome.

The new design catches and refracts light from eight angles, as the sun so often dances off our hair. Our trapezoidal hair.