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Courtney Love Owes Money, Shows You Around the Place

Good things come to those who wait, friends. While reading Braden Keil's account of Courtney Love's latest condo-related troubles (the board filed a $122,594 lien against her for unpaid common charges and assessments), we were struck by a thought: After pleading for it way back when, did Corcoran ever post pictures of the darn thing? Boy howdy, did they.

Afer the jump, a look at just what Courtney Love refuses to pay for at 30 Crosby Street, including a floorplan that looks like a road test obstacle ("In and out of the cones, please!"). She paid $2.4 million for the 4,100sf Soho loft in 2001, and stands to make a nice chunk of change off the $5.5 million asking price. The Corcoran site says the place is in contract, but let's see what happens when you offer to take Court's debt off the books...

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