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Development du Jour: The Mosaic

With so much focus downtown these last few days, you didn't think we'd look away from the development dreams that continue apace on the far west reaches of Hell's Kitchen, did you? Above, a twin-towered, 24-story project once dubbed Clinton Green but since renamed The Mosaic, from developers Dermot Company, is touted as creating, in one single swoop, a "virtual neighborhood" in a formerly abandoned stretch of Tenth Avenue between 51st and 53rd Streets. The architects, Fox and Fowle, have carved space for 627 apartments, parks, and retail space, with opening set for 2007.

Lois Weiss reports that the developers snagged the land from the city a few years back for about $80 a foot. It's now worth upwards of $250 a foot. After the jump, a site plan and more sketches via Fox and Fowle's website.

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