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The 70 Washington Chronicles: Don't Touch That Roof

Continuing the chronicles of 70 Washington, the Dumbo development that just won't stop giving us material, comes more dish on its rooftop penthouses, this time from blogger Grubby Kid:

Last week construction began on the Penthouse apartments, which to my knowledge, consist of a single floor vertical extension (that's roof addition to outsiders) set back approximately 11'-0" from the edge of the building. The set back was most likely done to satisfy the Landmark Preservation Committee mandate that any roof addition is minimally visible from public thoroughfares. Alright, enough with the back story, you say, what is this so-called gossip you are about to dish? Well, it seems that some members of certain Community Boards are questioning the legality of the addition. Namely, questioning LPC whether or not the roof addition was included in the LPC-approved design. For those on the edge of your seats, yes, the addition was included in the approved design.

We're on the edge of our roof, er, seats to see how this one plays out.
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