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'Hoodwinked Finalist #1: 20-Something

[Over the course of the week, we will present the 10 finalists from our neighborhood creating/naming contest 'Hoodwinked. On Friday, we'll open the polls for you to select the grand prize winner. We begin this afternoon in the East 20s. All neighborhood maps are created by the estimable Jonathan Van Gieson with a little help from Google Maps. On with the show.]

Neighborhood: 20-Something
Submitted By: 'Pogo NYC'
Boundaries: 24th to 29th, 3rd Ave to 1st Ave
Description: That "neighborhood with no name" has finally arrived...Rebeka (with a 'k' and no 'c's) and Alysa ('y' not 'i' and only one 's') share a 1 BR on 25th and 2nd. Alysa's stepfather co-signed the lease, but both girls are on it cuz they're "soooooo close since, like, middle school and sh*t. Almost 10 years!" Following is a transcript from their joint answering machine.

"Alysa? It's Becka. Omigod. I have the funniest story to tell ya about last nite. So, I'm at that bar "Sloppy Seconds" across from my nail place. You know, the one where that skank bartender with the cute monkey tattoo on the back of her neck works? So I'm with Melissa and these guys are standing down at the end of the bar, checking us out like every 14 seconds.

One of them finally gets up the ballz to come over and say hi. His name is Adam. He's there with his roommates from college, Aaron and Alan. He's kinda cute, looks sorta familiar. Reminds me of Andrew. Anyway... So we hang out for a while and all of a sudden he's wwwwwwasted. All over me. F**kin' hissss-terical. He knocks my drink over. Buys me another. Knocks it over again. Buys me another. Again. Melis is peeing herself she's laughing so hard! I didn't know what to do! So -- OH SH*T here comes my boss! I'll call ya later... [click]

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